The designing works are covered in the scope of our business since our very beginnings. We not only provide the professional technical background for the projects realized, but also act as an expert partner at preparation of project documents for investors or partake in the drafting of project documentation by general designer team.
Our designing effort is mainly aimed at air handling and air conditioning systems. Within the scope of complex services for our customers, we provide deliveries of a complete range of machinery and equipment for buildings. We realize our project activities in the field of central heating, sanitary installations and measurement &  regulation in cooperation with our stable and reliable partners.
Project documents are prepared at all levels from volumetric studies, through project implementation documents, to author’s supervision during work realization. We also cooperate with investors at handover/acceptance of finished works.
All project documents are drafted, disposed and retained in digital form. We prepare project documents in accordance with the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system manual.
High expertness of our designers allows us to prepare project documents for machinery and equipment of residential houses, industrial buildings incl. the related production technologies, administrative buildings, sports and leisure-time buildings, medical facilities incl. so called clean premises.



  • Project name :  Acute Medicine Centre
  • Location:  Kladno
  • Client:  DOMY s.r.o.
  • Investment:  63 000 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  air handling and cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2009

A newly erected building of acute medicine centre covering the following operations: central operating theatres, intensive care units, department of anesthesiology and resuscitation, central patient admission, emergency admission, radiology and functional diagnostics, one-day hospitalization, central sterilization and all supporting installations incl. machine rooms for air handling and cooling systems.


  • Project name :  Rest home and subsequent-care beds
  • Location:  ON Kladno
  • Client:  DOMY, s.r.o.
  • Investment:  10 860 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  air handling and cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2010

The newly erected building of the rest home is designed as a four-floor building with basement in the part of it. The function of the building is mainly focused on permanent stay of patients with rehabilitation needs in close combination with the bed section and the outpatient treatment section. The commercial section dedicated to rehabilitation on the 1st above-ground floor comprises of the lymph therapy and the gym. The non-commercial section has the entry hall used as a waiting room by patients, directly connected to examination rooms, electrotherapy (magnetotherapy), ergotherapy, rehabilitation management rooms, workrooms and cloakrooms for rehabilitation staff. Indirectly – through central cloakroom – the individual training rooms, hydro therapy and gym may be accessed.


  • Project name :  Institute of pathology and forensic medicine
  • Location:  FN Hradec Králové
  • Client:  Atelier H& Atelier Hájek
  • Investment:  39 000 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  air handling and cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2011

A newly erected building of forensic medicine and the complete reconstruction of the Fingerland Institute of Pathology in the University Hospital of Hradec Králové.


  • Project name :  Polyfunctional building KEYSTONE
  • Location:  Praha
  • Client:  AED project, a.s.
  • Investment:  14 000 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  air handling and cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2010

A newly erected administrative building with commercial premises and underground garages.


  • Project name :  LEGO KLADNO-FUTURE
  • Location:  Kladno-Kročehlavy
  • Client:  Sater projekt s.r.o.
  • Investment:  49 800 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2011

The design works were focused on the complete project of cooling including the source of cooling with the capacity of 3MW. The production site covers storage premises, administrative buildings and assembly lines.


  • Project name :  The regional hospital internal medicine building
  • Location:  Nemocnice Mladá Boleslav
  • Client:  DOMY, s.r.o.
  • Investment:  21 000 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  air handling and cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2010

A newly erected building of internal medicine with examination rooms for gastroenterology, bed section, intensive care unit department, underground parking incl. air handling system machine rooms. The project further covered the adaptation of vertical in the adjacent building of optical department.


  • Project name :  SIEMENS HALA 2
  • Location:  Trutnov – Volanov
  • Client:  Atelier Šuda&Horský
  • Investment:  21 720 000 Kč
  • Project scope:  air handling and cooling systems
  • Project completion:  2012

The project covers forced ventilation of manufacturing hall as well as technological exhaust of contaminants from individual workplaces. Also covered are the ventilation of background supporting premises – cloakrooms, lunchroom and social facilities in the original particularly reconstructed building of hall 1.