The divided rotary regenerative heat exchanger is ready for assembly from only two basic parts.

In cooperation with Wolf GmbH, Kastt proudly introduces this new unique solution for divided rotary heat exchangers as the first in Europe. This progressive solution completely changes the present approach to assembly of rotary heat exchangers in their place of use. Smart system is supplied with preinstalled rotor in both parts of the frame. This special concept facilitates the assembly and makes it more precise. Also it considerably reduces the costs for assembly as well as overall costs.

Main benefits

  • Short assembly time (1/10 of standard time)
  • Significant reduction of costs for assembly
  • Preciseness and simplicity of assembly
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Lower risk of rotor damage at assembly and handling
  • Lower transport costs


Technical parameters

  • Rotary heat exchanger with preinstalled rotor (up to 5000 mm of diameter as a standard)
  • For all types of rotors
  • Rotary heat exchanger sealing – contactless sealing – felt