Within the scope of complete assemblies, our company is mainly focused on complex deliveries of air-handling and air-conditioning systems, including the related professions such as cooling of machinery, central heating, measurement and regulation. An integral part of the deliveries and works is always the performance of complex tests, incl. regulation, adjustment and subsequent commissioning into trial or permanent operation. If the end user is interested, we are able to offer warranty and after-warranty service through our own service center.

How do we work?

The installation of air-handling and air-conditioning equipment is carried out exclusively by our own appropriately trained workers. If necessary, we cooperate with certified external subcontractors to ensure a larger number of workers (this applies mainly to orders with a larger volume), which also applies to ensuring the implementation of other related professions.

Completed projects realized by our company can basically be divided into the following several groups:

Civic amenities




Several times we have become successful supplier of air-handling and air-conditioning on construction sites, subsequently awarded as “Construction of the Year”.

Construction of the Year 2017

Gallery of Modern Arts in Hradec Králové

Construction of the Year 2009

Study and research library in Hradec Králové

Construction of the Year 2009

Public transport terminal in Hradec Králové


RONAL W17 manufacturing site – Annex building and adaptations of SO 01 object

We got an opportunity to cooperate on the project of gradual modernization and extension of the existing manufacturing premises of the manufacturing site of one of the leading manufacturers of light alloy cast wheels for passenger cars located in Pardubice, by assuring the supplies and works for air-handling and measurement & regulation professions.

Building adaptations of J hall in the PETROF company site

It is a great honor for our company to partake in the development of the new cultural center of the world renown producer of pianos, the heart of that will be one of the largest and most modern showrooms in Central Europe. A part of the project is also a stylish cafeteria and a multifunctional hall.

RONAL W15 manufacturing site – New building of painting shop SO 17

In connection with the implementation of project of extension of the existing manufacturing capacities of the production site of one of the leading manufacturers of light alloy cast wheels for passenger cars located in Jičín, our company got an opportunity to assure the supply of air-handling system. In this connection we also prepared all levels of the project documentation for this profession.

Do you like our reference projects?

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