Ideal design of a rotary heat exchanger for all applications that require higher rigidity and flexibility of construction.

The heat exchanger frame is made of hot-dip galvanized sectional bars interconnected by joining corners. The heat exchanger may be encased in a housing consisting of panels with excellent heat insulation parameters. Assembled versions of rotary heat exchanger are especially suitable as a stand-alone component of air handling systems.

Main benefits

  • Rigidity of construction
  • Excellent heat insulation parameters when encased by heat insulation panels
  • Suitable as a stand-alone component of air-handling systems
  • Undivided as well as divided design of cabinet
  • Optional bypass
  • Optional custom surface color


Technical parameters

  • For all types of rotors
  • Maximum rotor diameter 3800 mm
  • May be encased by insulation panels – thickness 25 mm, 50 mm (front and side panels)
  • Thermal transmittance coefficient pursuant to EN 1886/2007 – T2
  • Thermal bridge coefficient class pursuant to EN 1886/2007 – TB3 / TB2