The welded design of the KASTT rotary heat exchanger cabinet represents the most rigid and reliable option for the most demanding conditions.

The housing of the rotary heat exchanger is welded from closed sectional bars and then hot-dip galvanized as a standard. The heat exchanger may be encased in a housing consisting of insulating panels and become a stand-alone component of an air-handling system or unit. Welded rotary heat exchangers are suitable for the complete range of sizes with rotors up to 5000 mm in diameter.

Main benefits

  • Excellent rigidity and durability of construction
  • Construction suitable for rotors up to 5000 mm in diameter
  • May be used as a stand-alone component of air-handling systems
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor environment
  • May be used in all positions (horizontal, vertical and sloped)
  • Long service life


Technical parameters

  • For all types of rotors
  • Maximum rotor diameter 5000 mm
  • May be encased by insulation panels
  • thickness 25 mm, 50 mm (front and side panels)
  • Thermal transmittance coefficient pursuant to EN 1886/2007 – T2
  • Thermal bridge coefficient class pursuant to EN 1886/2007 – TB3