RHE service and maintenance

In order to assure trouble-free, reliable and efficient running, rotary heat exchanger (RHE) requires regular inspection and maintenance.

The scope of RHE servicing and maintenance works includes:

  • Warranty and after-warranty service
  • Regular service checks and inspections
  • Assembly and assembly supervision
  • Replacement of damaged RHE
  • RHE cleaning (cleaning by air, deep cleaning by steam)
  • Technology consultations regarding operation
  • Diagnostics aimed at potential damage of torsion bars using ultrasonic detector

We carry out a thorough check of torsion bars in rotary regenerative heat exchangers using a special ultrasonic flaw detector GE USM Go.

We are servicing rotary heat exchangers by all manufacturers – e.g. Klingenburg, Enventus, Hoval, Heatex, Flakt Woods and others.

IN case of RHE damage, we are able to replace the damaged components or the entire rotary heat exchanger for KASTT equipment.

Preventive maintenance plan*

The absence of regular servicing and maintenance may result in rotor clogging, damage to bearings, rupture of belt, damage to sealing or even the total destruction of rotor. Any decrease in the rotary heat exchanger efficiency or its complete shut-down due to damage / breakdown would mean a significant financial loss for the company as the energy of the exhaust air will not be used as planned. The costs for repairs or rotor replacement are usually considerably higher that the costs for regular maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

In case of regular annual service checks by our service and maintenance department, we extend the rotor warranty for KASTT heat exchangers to 36 months.