Within the scope of complete assemblies, our company is mainly focused on complex deliveries of air handling and air conditioning systems, including the related professions such as cooling of machinery, central heating, measurement and regulation. An integral part of deliveries and works provided are complex tests including regulation, adjustment and putting the system into trial or permanent operation. If required by the end user, we are able to provide warranty and after-warranty servicing through our dedicated service department.

The assembly of air handling and air conditioning systems is performed exclusively by our trained and skilled staff. In case of bigger projects with higher staffing required and with regard to related professions, we cooperate with proven external subcontractors.

The complete projects realized by our company may be divided into the following groups:

  • civic amenities (residential and commercial buildings, hotels, schools, sports facilities etc.)
  • administrative facilities (administrative buildings, saving banks, banks, public administration buildings etc.)
  • industry (production and storage halls etc.)
  • health care (hospitals, drugstores, laboratories etc.)


More information about the significant contracts are available under the tab „References“.

Several times we became a successful supplier of air conditioning and ventilation systems for the buildings later awarded the title „Building of the Year“

Building of the Year 2017
The Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Kralove

Building of the Year 2009
The Research Library in Hradec Kralove

Building of the Year 2009
Public Transport Terminal in Hradec Kralove