HVAC service and maintenance

We offer servicing of air-handling and air-conditioning systems through regular revisions of the installed system elements, inspections of fire protection equipment, measurement of performance parameters, cleaning and replacement of air filters. The care for the trouble-free operation of your systems may be stipulated in the form of service agreement covering regular complex care or individual revisions/checks, servicing and repairs, as required by the client. We carry out regular servicing in production halls, industrial buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, administrative buildings, schools, lunchrooms etc.

We are professionals caring about the quality and maximum added value for our clients.

How the service is assured:

  • The service works are performed by our qualified staff trained on a regular basis for all types of our air handling and air conditioning systems and components.
  • Our service department disposes of latest measurement and regulation equipment and instruments. Such equipment and instruments are calibrated on a regular basis in accordance with the metrology regulations based on certification according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.