KASTT®, spol. s r.o. is a professional Czech limited company that has been active primarily in the Czech and European markets since 1990. Since its very beginning the company has gradually worked its way up to become a renowned company engaged in the field of air handling systems, air conditioning, cooling and the manufacture of rotational and plate exchangers for heat recovery. Since 2004 the company has been a member of the VINCI Group.

KASTT® offers and provides the following activities:

  • engineering and design work (air handling, cooling, measurement and regulation)
  • the manufacture of rotary regenerative heat exchangers
  • the manufacture of plate recuperative heat exchangers for heat recovery
  • the manufacture of SPIRO air ducts incl. shaped pieces
  • the manufacture of air handling components and auxiliary steel constructions
  • assembly and servicing
  • the complete supply of technological sets
  • putting into service, adjusting and measuring the parameters of air handling systems
  • fire safety measures as associated with air handling systems incl. inspections
  • consultancy and guidance with regard to work provided

In 2012 the company obtained the Eurovent certificate for its manufacture of rotary heat exchangers.

Our aim is to provide high-quality professional services and meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.



1990: The beginnings of entrepreneurial activities by Petr Tajzler as a physical entity

1991: The foundation of KASTT – designing, assembly and servicing of heating systems

1998: The commencement of rotary regenerative heat exchangers manufacture

2004: The commencement of plate recuperative heat exchangers

17.12.2004: KASTT joined the VINCI ENERGIES Group



Currently KASTT is mainly engaged in the manufacture of regenerative and recuperative heat exchangers, designing, assembly and servicing of air handling and cooling systems and technological sets.

In 2009 we extended our production hall significantly so we can meet the requirements of our customers even during the peak season. We invest into modern equipment and develop new products on a regular basis.

Since the end of 2004 KASTT® has been a part of the VINCI Group, as one of the leading global groups engaged in the field of building works and concessions, employing more than 180 thousand people in about 100 countries.

The company is seated in the building of HSC a.s. at Hradec Králové. The manufacturing activities are realized in its own production and storage facilities in Hradec Králové – Svobodné Dvory, covering a total area of 12,500 square meters.

latest news

AQUATHERM 2016 – lecture on Rotary Heat Exchangers

Within the 21st international Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Measuring, Regulation, Sanitary and Environmental Technology AQUATHERM Prague our company presented new trends in regenerative rotary exchangers.

At the begining company KASTT was introduced. Further we touched issues of new direction of the European Parliament and Council 2009/125/ES called Ekodesign and its requirements of ventilation units connected to rotary exchangers with emphasis on the newest sealing type (labyrinth) and also mentioned the possibilities and usage of various drive types.



New equipment for control of torsion bars


Our company is performing control of torsion bars in regenerative rotary heat exchangers (RHE) by using ultrasound device USM Go since 1.1.2016. We recommend to use it when there is a suspicion for damage of torsion bars in order to prevent further damage of the RHE. Measurement is performed from the center hub and that is why is it necessary to secure sufficient access.


Participation on MCE Exhibition 2016 in Milano

As traditionally we presented our products – rotary heat exchangers – on exhibition MCE in Milano this spring.

The main theme of our exposition were again heat exchangers with the best tightness in our field (certified in Luzern laboratories) and also an exchanger with cleaning device. Presented exchanger designed for both heat and humidity transfer based on molecular sieve has become a standard.

We would like to thank all those who showed interest in our products and visited us on our stand. We kindly invite all those who did not have the chance to visit us and would be interested to contact us and schedule a visit in our factory in Hradec Kralove or we would be more than happy to come and present our standard products as well as news in person.



Presentation of our company at fair ISH 2015 in Frankfurt am Mein

On April 10th to 14th 2015 we attented, among other exhibitors, the biggest and most important European building equipment fair (HVAC, water, energy) in Frankfurt a.M. – ISH 2015. Our booth had, as it was 2 years ago, large attandance.

Our main products we presented were Rotary Heat Exchangers. One of them was equiped with patented epoch-making technology in heat recovery field – labyrinth sealing and second contained rotor with both heat and humidity transfer (enthalpic) and a special rotor cleaning device.  Exceptionality of the rotor for enthalpy transfer consists in used layer for humidity transfer created with help of molecular sieve (ZEOLITH). We have been producing these rotors since January 2014. We also presented a new system of dividing large rotors and finally also a plate exchanger with epoxid surface.

We thank all our partners who visited us on ISH 2015 for their interest. We would be pleased if you, or anybody interested, who did not make it on the fair, would visit us, after a previous agreement, in our factory in Hradec Kralove or we would be happy to visit you in order to personally present our standard products as well as our news.



Labyrinth sealing

On Milano fair 18.-21.3.2014 we succesfully presented our new sealing solution which can guarantee 98,5% leakproofness.

Tesny rotor A4_EN_0001

Tesny rotor A4_EN_0002




On 26.4.2012 we obtained the certificate for our rotary regenerative heat exchangers from Eurovent Certification Company.