KASTT, spol. s r.o. has been providing service works aimed at the achievement of the maximum lifetime and efficiency of air handling and cooling systems installed in facilities of our clients.

The service department activities:

  • Assembly and servicing of  rotary regenerative and plate recuperative heat exchangers
  • Warranty and after-warranty servicing of air handling and cooling systems
  • Regular revisions, cleaning and filter replacements
  • Assembly of air handling and cooling systems
  • Assessment of state and service life of the equipment
  • Designs in the field of reconstructions and modernizations of existing air handling and cooling systems
  • Measurement and verification of equipment performance parameters
  • Complex regulation of systems including presetting of regulation elements
  • Revisions of fire dampers, valves and barriers
  • Revisions of cooling circuit tightness

Contact our service department:
Tel.: +420 495 404 030
Mobil: +420 606 669 882

RHE Maintenance

The rotary regenerative heat exchangers require regular inspection and maintenance to run reliably and efficiently. Within the scope of their maintenance it is necessary to check the drive belt tension, rotor sealing and clogging. The cleaning is done by compressed air, steam or compressed water. All cleaning operations must be carried out by trained operators.

What are the risks of inadequate or no servicing of rotary heat exchangers?

In case of absence of regular servicing the rotor may become clogged which may cause damage to bearings, rupture of belt or damage to cleaning brushes. The efficiency of the heat exchanger is logically reduced which means a considerable financial loss due to the exchanger malfunction. The costs for repairs or rotor replacement are significantly higher than the costs for regular maintenance.

When and how often must rotary heat exchangers be checked?

We recommend the rotary heat exchangers to be checked by their users at least on a quarterly basis. The vocational service inspection must be carried out on an annual basis.


HVAC Maintenance

We offer servicing of air handling and air conditioning systems through regular revisions of the installed system elements, inspections of fire protection equipment, measurement of performance parameters, cleaning and replacement of air filters. The care for the trouble-free operation of your systems may be stipulated in the form of service agreement covering regular complex care or one-shot revisions/checks, servicing and repairs, as required by the client. We carry out regular servicing in production halls, industrial buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, administrative buildings, schools, lunchrooms etc.

We are professionals caring about quality and maximum added value for our clients.

How the service is assured:

  • The service works are performed by our qualified staff trained on a regular basis for all types of our air handling and air conditioning systems and components.
  • Our service department disposes of latest measurement and regulation equipment and instruments. Such equipment and instruments are calibrated on a regular basis in accordance with the metrology regulations based on certification according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.


Inspection Checks

We offer statutory revisions of cooling system tightness as well as revisions of fire dampers, as required by the applicable regulations.

The EC Regulation No. 842/2006 states that operators of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, including their circuits, as well as fire protection systems, which contain fluorinated greenhouse gases, shall assure the leakage check by certified persons at the following frequencies:

a) at least once every twelve months for applications containing 3 kg or more of fluorinated greenhouse gases;

b) at least once every six months for applications containing 30 kg or more of fluorinated greenhouse gases;

c) at least once every three months for applications containing 300 kg or more of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The regulations applicable in the field of fire protection of buildings require regular revisions of fire dampers. The European Standard EN 15650 states that fire dampers manufacturers are obliged to set the frequency of operating checks and revisions, which should not exceed 6 months.